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You Are More Than Your Resume

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A Video Resume Is Not Your Grandma's Traditional Resume

We’ve come quite ways from the days of typewritten resumes handed in with a friendly handshake. While the friendly handshake and paper resume are still solid components of selling yourself at a job interview, today we have mounds more data on how the brain is wired as well as the psychology of the human attention span and memory retention.


Why Millennials Need A Video Resume

According to the most recent incontrovertible statistical findings, the world’s most powerful generation is on the move again. After slaughtering their way through fabric softeners, the diamond industry, and the dinner date, there are yet more of society’s staples that Millennials insist must vanish for their dominance to continue. With murder in their hearts and a wicked grin on their faces, they have chosen their next target; the paper resume.

4 Ways To Screen Candidates Faster

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Whether you’re a full-time hiring manager or wearing the hat temporarily, time is your most valuable asset. Deciding where it goes and who it goes to is a key part of your profession, and you need to determine the best candidates to hire in the shortest period. To that end, here are 4 ways to screen candidates faster.


5 Ways To Impress The Hiring Manager

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5 Ways To Impress The Hiring Manager


So you’re on the market for a new job. The one you’re in doesn’t fit as well as you’d like, or maybe it’s been a bad fit from the start. You’re looking for a job where you can play your part and shine or, perhaps, climb that ladder you’ve been eyeing for awhile.


Why Your Video Resume Needs To Be Short

You are excited. You are pumped up. You know the true value of a video resume and you are itching to get in front of your webcam and present yourself in the best possible light. What should you talk about, you wonder. An abbreviated family history will be a good start, right? Round you out in the eyes of your employer and give off the casual-friendly vibe. Then you can follow it up with the professional angle, list off every single task of every single position of every single job you have ever been a part of--


How To Create The Best Video Pitch For Your Company

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Congratulations! You have signed up with the new frontier of hiring technology, VimageBuilder! You’re anxious to get started, but if you’ve never created a video pitch for your company, you may not be sure where to start. Not to worry, we have a few tips to help you frame your company in the best light. You are, after all, looking to attract the best candidates.

How To Create The Best Video Pitch For Your Company

6 Reasons Why A Video Resume Will Get You The Attention You Need

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The search for a job is not easy nowadays. Several qualified candidates are aiming for the attention of hiring managers in your field. That is why it is important for you to find creative ways to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

Standing out in the pile of applicants is not an easy challenge, but with the right tricks, you can bring your resume to the top of a hiring manager's pile.

10 best cities to work in 2017

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According to  ZipRecruiter, here is the list of 10  best cities to work in 2017


1. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington