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10 best cities to work in 2017

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According to  ZipRecruiter, here is the list of 10  best cities to work in 2017


1. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington

The Minneapolis metro area remains a top player in the national economy, moving up seven spots since our 2016 analysis. The Twin Cities serve as a business hub between Seattle and Chicago, offer opportunities in a multitude of industries, and maintain a low rate of job competition even with a relatively large population.


2. Providence-New Bedford-Fall River

The Providence metro area earns a high spot on our list of best cities to work in 2017 through its prominent Healthcare job market, recent plans for investmenttoward diversification into industries like software and biomed, and its dedication to job growth over the last year.


3. Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton

Portland’s location – convenient to interstates, international air terminals, and marine shipping – as well as its high quality of life have attracted a variety of ventures to the city, and helped to diversify its economy. Its emphasis on clean, renewable technologies as well as strong community support of a wide range of disciplines makes it a great place to work and live.


4. Kansas City

The Paris of the Plains made a strong showing in the healthcare, automotive, and retail industries, its distribution powers bolstering the city’s position in the national economy even further.


5. Cincinnati-Middletown

Cincinnati proved to be a promising city for both new college grads andconstruction jobs this year, but our outlook for 2017 is low competition in a variety of top industries including Healthcare, Government, and Business.


6. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue

With its low unemployment rate and strong tech sector, the Seattle metro area is positioned to be a significant job creator in 2017.


7. St. Louis

Although declines in the local manufacturing industry have painted a less than rosy picture of the city’s economy in recent years, St. Louis is poised for a comeback with advancements in its Healthcare, Finance, and Business sectors.


8.  Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh boasts the most top-ten list spots of any our best job market cities, ranking high as a top city for Tech and Healthcare in 2016. With its diversified economy and consistent demand in healthcare as well as its service sector, the city shows no signs of slowing in 2017.


9.  Louisville/Jefferson County

Louisville’s central location and low unemployment rate make it an attractive city for a variety of industries. In 2017, the hiring outlook is best in its local Healthcare, Retail, and Automotive industries.


10. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy

Boston proved to be a top city for both Healthcare and Tech in 2016. The 2017 outlook shows continued growth in these sectors, as well as hiring in Retail, Business, and Government jobs.


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