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12 Tips That Can Help You Become An NFL Player

The NFL is the world's most popular American football league. The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are playing in Super Bowl 51 today at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and every little boy is dreaming of being a pro athlete

You can’t just walk into NFL, there are qualifications you must be meet.

Here are 12 tips and what you can do to get a good chance of going to the NFL.

  1. Start learning to play football at a young age.

  2. Play organized football for your school at the first chance you get.

  3. Start a regular training program

  4. Start lifting serious weights at age 15

  5. Record all of your varsity football games and plays into one highlight reel.

  6. Sort through your list of Division I college football scholarships offers.

  7. Train and improve your techniques after your final year of high school football

  8. Express your desire to play football in the NFL to your new college football coach.

  9. Play as hard as you can at your college and train ever harder during the off season.

  10. Be aware of where in the draft an NFL team is likely to select you.

  11. Have your agent call teams and ask them for an invite to campus if you did not get drafted.

  12. Finally, make a video resume and upload to

Good luck and enjoy Super Bowl 51.