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16 Do’s and Don’ts That Will Help You Create The Best Video Resume

Jobseekers are you ready to create your first video resume and showcase yourself to your future employer on a new level?

A well-made video resume can really set you apart in your job search. With the right planning, preparation, and time, you will create the best video resume that will help you stand out from the competition.

Follow these expert VimageBuilder Video Resume tips, and you are bound to impress your future employer:


  1. Dress in professional clothing, just as you would for an in person interview.
  2. Keep the video length short.
  3. Keep your gaze on the camera.
  4. Smile generously.
  5. Practice that pitch in advance so that you speak naturally and thoroughly without any hesitations.
  6. View and edit your video so that it presents you and your skills in the most appealing light.


  1. Don't speak too fast. Speak clearly.
  2. Don’t speak like a robot, speak naturally.
  3. Don’t chew gum while recording the video.
  4. Don’t eat food or drink coffee while recording.
  5. Don’t wear too much makeup.
  6. Don’t let your hands do the talking , gesturing too much is distracting.
  7. Don’t use the words: “like,” “um,” or “ah”  in your video – if you feel you are about to, just   pause for a moment and then resume talking.
  8. Don’t record your video in a noisy environment (like where music is playing, people are            talking, phones are ringing).
  9. Don't mix your personal life with your professional. If you don’t want employers to see   the information on your personal social profiles, don't link your video resume to that       profile.
  10. Don't be afraid to be creative. Use original production values or brilliant editing.

To watch a video on tips for creating the best video resume click here.

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