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The 5 best US cities to look for a job in 2017



      A new report from consulting firm Dale Carnegie says, 41% of U.S. employees actively looking for a new job or planning on doing so within the next year.

Finding the right job also depends on where you plan to live in 2017.

According to WalletHub, here are the 5 best US cities to look for a job in 2017.


1. Scottsdale, Arizona

"The West's Most Western Town."

The City was named Scottsdale in 1894 after founder Winfield Scott and incorporated in 1951 .The New York Times described downtown Scottsdale as "a desert version of Miami's South Beach" and as having "plenty of late night partying and a buzzing hotel scene.

No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 22

Employment growth: 3.29%

Median annual household income: $76,421


2. Plano, Texas

Plano is named for the flat plains of the area, large trees abound in the city's many parks. It is the ninth most populous city in the state of Texas and the 70th most populous in the United States. Some of the country's largest and most recognized companies have their headquarters in Plano

No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 29

Employment growth: -0.11%

Median annual household income: $83,12


3. Orlando, Florida

"The Theme Park Capital of the World"

The City of Orlando is nicknamed "The City Beautiful," and its symbol is the fountain at Lake Eola.  Orlando ranks as the fourth-most popular American city based on where people want to live according to a 2009 Pew Research Center study.

No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 1

Employment growth: -1.27%

Median annual household income: $43,094


4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Stone Shatter City"

The largest city in the U.S. state of South Dakota. It is the county seat of Minnehaha County

No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 27

Employment growth: 1.58%

Median annual household income: $56,14


5. San Francisco, California

Officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.

No. of job opportunities rank (out of 150): 19

Employment growth: 2.43%

Median annual household income: $46,085


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