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You Are More Than Your Resume

5 Easy Steps To Building A Super Resume

Build the perfect resume.

Building a super resume is important to landing your dream job. Here are 5 steps to make sure your resume is effective and a stand-out to help increase your chances in the job market.


1. Simplify the Format and Content

Keep your resume simple. Avoid using any fancy fonts so it will be easy to read or it might not be read at all. Picking simple and common fonts like Times New Roman or Arial along with others can be great choices. Formatting is extremely important, make sure font size is reasonable and the heading along with your name and contact info stand out from the rest of your resume. Keep it clean and simple.


2. Include a Career Profile

Within your resume include a profile that highlights your career thus far. The key is to gear your career profile to showcase your assets towards the job you are applying to. Use your resume to show how your experience makes you the perfect fit. By directing your application in that direction, you can convince readers that you are perfect before they even meet you and can up your chances of reaching the next stage.

Explain your career experience.


3. Take Advantage of Additional Sections

There are additional sections that can be used to strengthen your resume. For example, never excludes sections about awards or recognitions as they can raise your credibility. Also make sure you have room to explain your unique skill sets. Along with that if there is room add in any other interests or volunteer work. If you have the chance fill that empty space by strengthening your resume.


4. Make Your Resume “Skimmable”

A resume is key to getting an interview. However, with so many applicants employers can only glance at your resume. So format your resume in a way that draws attention to the most important things that should be studied in the couple minutes employers will look at your resume.


Include important points.


5. The Higher the More Important

This is the idea of “Above the Fold” which means that the most important info should be at the top. People pay most attention to the top info with most interest. So get all important info out of the way at the top to guarantee it being read.