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5 Tips To Get Promoted Fast

Take the steps to snag that promotion.

Getting a promotion is a big accomplishment but it can take years so here are 5 tips to help you land that promotion as soon as possible in the most effective way.


1. Choose the Project with Most influence

As an employee, you work through many projects. Though that is the key to your impression it is very important to NOT put yourself on every project. With that move, you not only seem desperate but your quality of work goes down since you have so many responsibilities and that overall doesn't end well. So narrow down your options and choose the project that will have a big influence and will be one that helps get your name noticed.


2. Create Office Relationships

You don't need to push to become the crowd favorite on your first day but do take time to really get to know your coworkers and build relationships. By making an impression, you become very likable and coworkers as well as your boss is likely to notice and appreciate those skills and interests.


3. Make Your Presence Known

There are others that work alongside you so you need to make small efforts to be noticed. There are many small steps you can take like make clear the effort that you are meeting with clients or how busy you are and the speed of your work. Essentially you must perfect the art of bragging without actually bragging.


4. Pay Attention to Your Bosses Likes and Dislikes

Your boss is where your promotion possibilities lie so he is the one to impress. From your first impression pay attention to their likes and dislikes from personal to professional. By doing so you can have interesting and fun conversations with your boss and build a relationship. Also never discourage your boss just support, and back him up because if your boss likes you, he will want you around more.


5. Make Your Boss Look Good

We all want to be recognized for our work so make sure you boss gets that praise. Make sure you boss is continually recognized for the work he does. People remember people who bring them up especially during promotion time. So stand up and make your boss look good which will eventually pay off with your own recognition through a promotion.