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5 Tips to Perfect Your Pitch

Presenting a pitch for investment.

Perfecting a pitch is the first step in entrepreneurship and can be your key to growth and success. However, there are important tips to keep in mind to guarantee maximum success so here are 5 tips to help.


1. Less is More

People judge my first impression and that applies to all situations especially business. State your goal and main points as soon as possible to make sure you have the chance to share that. By having less you can express more of a point while keeping your audience engaged.


2. Know Your Place and Accept It

Business takes time to grow so don’t act smarter than everyone else in the room, especially as a start-up company. Accept and make clear that you have ideas and understand that business grows not just overnight but with investments and set goals that your company can achieve and succeed.


3. Make Clear Your Plans

If pitching for an investment it is important to share your budget plans and try to make the most of your money, so spending less where possible to show you are being smart and responsible enough to come up with a detailed plan to use the money that they are providing. By doing so you are more likely to leave with what you came for.


4. Show the Different Possibilities

Never assume there is one perfect way your company or the product can grow but instead present your audience with multiple outcomes especially with business financial growth. Show best, moderate and worst results. Use facts and preparation to show the thought and research that has gone into the project. By proving it you make a much stronger impression.


5. Stick to What is Truth

Especially for a start up, people make the mistake of speaking how everything is going to get done once your business creates the network and money but don’t live in the possibilities of the future. Your pitch becomes stronger if you take some time to already establish your business and use the facts so far of what your company has achieved in the time you can show how with these continued processes your company can grow on a projected track. Investors will not look for the maybes but the people they have faith understand their business and the effort they are making to grow it. So stay true and get that investment.