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5 Tips to Remember When Switching Careers

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The choice to switch a career regardless of circumstances can be a long and grueling process but here are five tips before you make your decision to make this transition easier.


1. Be Prepared to Put in Time

Switching careers is a big change and must be thought deeply about before going through with it but once decided that process can take a long time. It takes a lot of searching and time so be ready to dedicate yourself to this goal and move forth strongly.


It takes a lot of time.


2. Talk to a Recruiter

Your networks have been built in your current career so to help understand and navigate this new career it would help to work with recruiters who can make you aware of job opportunities. Taking their help can work to your advantage and should be one of the first steps you take in your new job search.

Meeting with a recruiter.

3. Be Ready to Explain Yourself and Sell Your Pitch

Your life has led to one career so changing that course is a big deal and in interviews, you must confidently and easily explain your choice. Also usually you won’t be a job descriptions exact fit due to your lack of traditional training so take that as an opportunity to explain what you can bring to the position and company with unique methods that are different than the traditional. Overall be ready to make your pitch to why you deserve a chance.


4. Online Presence should be increased

You should update your profile and statuses on websites such as LinkedIn to make clear your job search in your new career and not focused on your current career. Constantly check online for any job updates and build networks online in career groups.


Increasing online network.


5. Keep the search to Yourself

Avoid letting your colleagues know unless deemed helpful because often their thoughts and judgments can cloud your judgments and goal. Once you are clear on your decision don't let anyone influence you. Most importantly don’t tell your boss because your status in the job search can change any moment so unless it is confirmed completely don’t let your boss know as if you don’t get it they might still let you go as they had pre-planned your departure. Don’t take any risks and keep this to yourself until all is finalized.