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5 Tips for Writing an Effective Job Description

Posting a job description.


Posting a job opening is an everyday job for employers. With so much access, each job posting can get thousands of applicants. However, there are ways to narrow and perfect a job description to filter and bring forward only the most qualified applicants. Here are 5 tips to make your job description effective.


1. Choose a Clear and Concise Title for the Position

The key to getting the right candidates for the job is making sure you make exactly what you need and what the job is clear and that all starts with the title. So coming up with a clear title for the needed position will help attract the audience you need.


2. Paint a Picture of the Position

Titles are important but to make sure applicants don’t judge by the title it is your job to include a clear idea of what the position actually is and what the position's role is in the company. By painting an entire picture you filter through applicants by being clear on your expectations.


3. Be Clear on the Special Skills You Are Looking For

To increase the chances of finding better candidates, emphasize the special skills that the job requires you to already know so you only get applicants with the right skill sets. It also can bring forward the most prepared candidates.


4. Outline Duties

Also, take the time to explain how much time and the variety of responsibilities that the position holds. By making clear the effort you expect you avoid any later situations with candidates not interested in that commitment.


5. Keep it Short and Simple

With all these points that need to be included, it can seem like a lot. However, if you find a clear rhythm to summarize the position and its duties your job description can be very effective and draw many applicants, where you can find the right one.