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6 Reasons Why A Video Resume Will Get You The Attention You Need

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The search for a job is not easy nowadays. Several qualified candidates are aiming for the attention of hiring managers in your field. That is why it is important for you to find creative ways to catch the eye of the hiring manager.

Standing out in the pile of applicants is not an easy challenge, but with the right tricks, you can bring your resume to the top of a hiring manager's pile.

A great trick is to have a video resume accompany your traditional resume.


Here are a few reasons why having a video resume will get job seekers the attention they need:

  • If an employer receives hundreds of resumes and one of them has a video attached, which will be opened first? The one with the video of course! This is a great way to stand out because no one else is doing this.

  • While a traditional resume details your skills, qualifications, and experience,  a video resume enables an employer to get a feel for your personality.

  • More and more employers say a traditional resume doesn’t provide enough information for them to assess whether someone is a good candidate for the job.

  • A video resume enhances your textual resume

  • A Video Resume will make you stick in the mind of recruiters and therefore, get you more job offers. The fact that you took the time to present yourself before a camera gives the impression that you're highly motivated to work and willing to try new solutions.

  • A video resume is a modern tool, using new technologies and serves as an interesting showcase for your work experience, educational paths, future plans.


Want to create a video resume?

VimageBuilder | Video resume gets attention

Go to and follow these 4 easy steps:


  • Register for your free job seeker profile,

  • Complete your profile

  • Create Or Upload Video Resume ( very important step. DO NOT SKIP)

  • Get personalized video resume link and begin applying to multiple jobs. ( Best part is you only need ONLY 1 video resume to apply to all sorts of jobs. Do not make your video resume job specific. The video resume will be public and can be viewed by all employers.)


Take a look at the following example video resume “Example Of A Good Job Seeker Video”.