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You Are More Than Your Resume

7 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2017

Vimage builder 7 ways to make your resume


In today’s competitive job market, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. Did you know hiring managers spend a mere 6 six seconds screening a resume before deciding whether the candidate is a good fit?

Here is how job seekers can make their resume stand out.

  • Hyperlinking your email address so that you’re only one click away.

  • Start your resume with a short professional summary that states your years of experience, job history, and big accomplishments

  • Make sure your resume is grammatically correct.

  • Account for lapses of time between jobs.

  • Include references with the resume.

  • Write a cover letter and include it with your resume.

  • Create a video to go along with your resume. A video can enhance your resume and help you stand out from the crowd.  How to create a video resume?

After submitting the resume, the job seeker should follow up with an email within several days to let the employer know they are still interested.