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8 Tips On How To Get An Out-Of-State Job


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Are you looking for new start in a new city?

Your resume is very important in finding an out-of-state job. It and is the biggest factor in whether you get the interview or not.

Living in one state and applying for jobs elsewhere makes it even more important.

Whatever your reason maybe be, here are some tips on how to find an out-of-state job:

  • Research the local job market.

  • List your location on your resume when applying for jobs in a different state.

  • Understand your tax liability in the new state.

  • Join Groups on LinkedIn that are large and locally-based.

  • Create a list of target employers within the desired location.

  • State in your letter that you'd come at your own expense may help but better yet, give them a date that you'll be in town.

  • In your cover letter, explain that you ARE moving to Los Angeles..not that you WOULD move there if offered the position.

  • Create a video resume to help showcase your personality and communication skills.


Where can you create your video resume?

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