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9 Tricks To Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

9 Tricks To Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

The hunt for a job is not a smooth ride. Countless of other qualified candidates are vying for the attention of hiring managers in your field. That is why it is vital to find creative ways to stand out the crowd.


Successful job seekers know how to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd.


Standing out in the pile of applicants is not an easy challenge, but with the right tricks, you can bring your resume to the top of a hiring manager's pile.


Here are 9 tricks to make your resume stand out from the crowd.


1.      Improve your resume writing skills or have the resume professionally written. A resume should tell the story while being attractive. If it gives too much information or looks too busy, the employer may miss key points as they scan it. If it is too brief, it loses its personality and may not give the employer what they are looking for. Therefore, there must be a balance between telling the story and being brief.


2.      Make sure your resume has headnotes. A busy employer, who has hundreds of resumes to review, does not have time to read every resume thoroughly. They will look at the headnotes to see if they want to keep reading. If the job seeker’s resume is written in a narrative style like a letter, it is not attractive to the eye, and the employer will move on.


3.      Make sure your resume is grammatically correct. An employer knows that you will never look better than how you look on your resume. If your resume contains grammatical errors, it shows that you do not pay attention to details and the employer will move on.


4.      Account for lapses of time between jobs. Many job seekers do not explain in their resume why they were out of work for an extended period. The employer may wonder why it took so long for someone to get a job and not bother to contact them since they have many other resumes in their possession.


5.      Include references with the resume. It will help you stand out because very few job applicants do this.


6.      Write an opening statement in the email that accompanies the resume. Often, job seekers send a blank email relying on the resume to do the talking for them. This is a mistake. The sad truth is that, if an employer receives dozens or hundreds of resumes, not only can they not read them all, but they may not even have time to open the attachment containing your resume! Writing a brief, customized summary in the body of the email may get your resume opened. More importantly: Include a link to your Vimage Builder video with your resume!


7.      Write a cover letter and include it with your resume. The employer will nearly always look at the job seeker's resume first to determine if they have the experience and talents they are looking for. Once they decide that they may be a good fit, they are likely to read the cover letter for more information. The resume should present the “professional” image whereas the cover letter should present the “personal” image.


8.      After submitting the resume, the job seeker should follow up with an email within several days to let the employer know they are still interested. The job seeker should not be afraid to sell themselves in the email as to why they may be the perfect fit, but don’t overdo it. If they know who the employer is (sometimes they may not because the site they are applying through doesn’t release that information), review the employer’s website so that they can personalize their follow up email even further.


9.      Attach a link to the Vimage Builder video to the resume. If an employer receives a hundred resumes and one of them has a picture attached, which will be opened first? This is a great way to stand out because no one else is doing this.



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