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Do’s and Don’ts When Creating a Video Resume

Man watching video resume.


Video resumes are a new growing trend in the job world and if done right can be the deciding factor in getting your dream job. So here are some do’s and don’ts when creating a video resume.



  • DO be short and to the point. If your video is longer than two to three minutes then employers are more likely to look over it as resumes can be read in a shorter amount of time so making sure you get your point across fast guarantees a more likely chance of being considered.

  • DO include a unique element to hook your employer whether pictures, a story or clips from past colleges and employers. All unique ideas can make your resume memorable, increasing chances of snagging the job.

  • DO practice and prepare what you have to say until you became comfortable with what you are saying with confidence and natural.


Man preparing what tom say.


  • DO be professional. As simple as it sounds, make sure your camera is study, you are in a completely silent environment and you have professional behavior.

  • DO dress appropriately. Treat a video resume like an interview dress as you would to that interview to fit the dress code of the company and how you want to make your first impression. Your dress can have an impact on how they view you so be aware and be ready.


Getting ready to record.



  • DON’T expect your video resume to replace your traditional resume. Though you might create a video resume, some employers choose not to watch it to avoid any conflict with bias by the way someone looks or talks. So some will ignore your video or take it with only small consideration. So making sure that your video resume and your actual resume are of high quality should be important.

  • DON’T mix professional with personal. As much as videos are supposed to help get the idea of your personality, showing too much of who you are when cut loose or hobbies not involved with work can hurt you a lot. Especially if not comfortable with social media being judgment in your job application, avoid linking your video to your social media accounts. Just be aware and separate the two.


Don't mix personal


  • DON’T ignore the value of your production because when something as new and modern as this tactic is, it means employers look out for mistakes. Don’t let them notice any, edit, edit and edit. Take your video to be natural and perfection because you're being compared to few and if they make less mistakes they are also more likely to get the job


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