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You Are More Than Your Resume

Do you get frustrated whenever you need to hire someone?

Do you get frustrated whenever you need to hire someone?

Do you get frustrated whenever you need to hire someone? You place an ad, receive dozens or even hundreds of resumes and then begin the weeding out process. Have you ever had someone show up for their interview and have a hard time believing this is the same person who submitted the resume?


The hiring process as we know it today is very slow, frustrating…and outdated.


The result is that you hire less than ideal employees while leaving a stack of un-contacted resumes on your desk. You know there are great candidates in that stack…but how do you find out who they are?


You Can’t! That is until now!


Presenting Vimage Builder, a new website that allows employers to watch a video promo of the candidate before ever contacting them. Imagine how much easier the hiring process would be if every resume you received was accompanied by a video?


How long would you have to watch a video before realizing that the candidate may not be who you are looking for? 10 seconds, 20 seconds? Certainly not long. You could watch the first 10 seconds of 100 videos in less than 20 minutes. You wouldn’t even have to seriously look at the resume until you realized you liked what you saw. How much easier would this make hiring?


Here’s how we recommend using Vimage Builder. Next time you have an opening, use your normal methods to advertise for the position.


Upon receiving resumes, send the applicants a standard email instructing them to go to and create a free profile. Once they do so, you will be notified and their video available for you to watch.


Oh…one more thing; would you expect all of the candidates to follow your instructions? Of course not. But are you looking for applicants that cannot even follow simple directions when applying for your position? The weeding out process begins the moment you ask the applicants to create their free account.


Go to now and start your 60-day free trial. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be glad you did.