How We Help Employers

Instead of sorting through resumes, woudn't it be great to be able to watch a video of every job candidate before you ever call them? Think about how much time you could save! That's what Vimage Builder is all about. We make it easier and more affordable for employers to find ideal candidates. Here's how it works:

Save Time, Money and Headaches

Use your current method to collect resumes from job candidates. This can be from,, and others.

Send an email with a unique link to your job candidates or call them and share the link. That link invites them to create a profile and online video to share with you.

Once the applicant has completed their online profile and video, you’ll receive a notification.

The combination of the resume, profile, and video will make it easier for you to determine whether you want to interview the candidate for your position.

Vimage Builder Makes It Easy For Job Candidates To Create Their Video

Job candidates will receive step-by-step instructions so they can successfully create their two-minute video.

Vimage Builder provides online tutorials, information, and step-by-step instructions to help job seekers create an effective video.

It’s easy for job candidates to share their completed video with you. And you’ll be notified when a job applicant submits it.

The Many Benefits of Using Vimage Builder

Gain More Insight

A resume is a just piece of paper. A video provides more insight into the candidate’s qualifications, personality and professionalism.

It's The New Standard

Video resumes are gaining acceptance as a standard hiring practice. Your candidate screening process will be so much easier with Vimage Builder.

Tell Your Unique Story

You can create a video to inform job candidates about your company, its philosophy and mission and the benefits of working there.

Find Out Who Can Take Direction

When you view candidate videos, you can see how well the job candidates followed instructions. After all, you want employees that can listen, follow instructions and complete job tasks.

Reduce the Number of Unqualified Candidates

Because it's so easy to apply for positions online these days, many jobseekers will apply for multiple positions at once, without making sure they have the necessary qualifications. By requiring a profile and online video from your candidates, nine out of 10 of these unqualified candidates will "drop out" from the process.

Free 60-Day Trial: Find the perfect job candidates!

At Vimage Builder, we're so confident that we can help you find the perfect job candidate, we offer a free two-month trial. Just list a job position on your favorite sites. Then invite as many jobseekers as you like to create their custom video with us. At the end of the two-month trial period, you'll want to sign up!

$49.95 per month for one job listing and unlimited invitations for jobseeker videos.

Of course, you can list more than one position with Vimage Builder, and each one costs $49.95 per month.

There’s no long-term contract.

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Welcome to Vimage Builder. We’re excited about helping you find ideal job candidates faster, easier and affordably.