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Frequently Asked Questions About Video Resumes

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Video resumes are the newest growing trend in the job market. They are a unique tool that is made up of a concise video that allows you to shine your personality and skills. However there many questions about this tool so here are the answers to your frequently asked questions about video resumes.


1. When is using a video resume a good idea?

Although traditional resumes offer an overall understanding of your experience. A video resume gives a glimpse of your personality. Though that seems appealing, there are times that make the video resume more appropriate and overall a great supplement. Video resumes are great for people going into creative design, graphics, marketing, real-estate, etc. It works great for jobs that involve technology and creativity which can be proven through a video resume. However they are also great jobs that work with daily client interactions, as you can show your appeal and ability to talk with people all in one video, convincing employers from the start. Choosing the right jobs to take advantage of this tool is key to success when landing the job.


2. What makes a successful video resume?

There are many key features to include in a video resume that make it effective. Some basic tips to remember is to make sure your video does not last longer then 2-3 minutes. Along with time make sure your attire and setting is appropriate and professional. Act like this is an interview so make the right decisions. Also this is not a replacement for your resume so let your resume prove your experience and think of your video resume just for additional information as you and what you can offer.


3. What are common mistakes to avoid?

There are also easy mistakes you must avoid. The huge thing to avoid would be having a scripted tone. It is okay to take notes and have points that you need to make sure you talk about but seeming scripted can hurt your chances of being hired and taken seriously. Also another tip, if you do have notes, never place them in front of you or look down at them as that can become very obvious to employers. Make them feel how natural and understanding you have for your work and passion.


4. Final Thoughts

A video resume is a great tool that can add a lot of value to your resume. Depending on your career and consider it. When done effectively it can bring a  lot of value to your application and you as an applicant making it more likely that you will land the job.