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How To Create The Best Video Pitch For Your Company

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Congratulations! You have signed up with the new frontier of hiring technology, VimageBuilder! You’re anxious to get started, but if you’ve never created a video pitch for your company, you may not be sure where to start. Not to worry, we have a few tips to help you frame your company in the best light. You are, after all, looking to attract the best candidates.

How To Create The Best Video Pitch For Your Company

  1. The person in the video should be you and not a hired actor. If a prospective employee can see the kind of person they will be working under, they are more likely to put themselves forward if they think they are a good fit.

  2. Script what you want to say, but don’t read off the script. A blend of bullet points and ad-libbing is optimal, but if you can’t ad lib then practice your script until you can deliver it naturally.

  3. Dress the part for the job. The attire will vary depending on whether you are seeking to hire a tow truck driver for your team or if you are seeking to add a junior attorney to your office. Pretend you are dressing for an interview, because you are. Your future employee is watching.

  4. Set your background very simple. A blank wall is ideal, but if you must have props, make sure the area is not cluttered and distracting. You want the focus to be on you, not on the background.

  5. Check the lighting, make sure your face is clearly visible.

  6. Check the recording area for sound issues. Windows should be closed against traffic noises. If there are other people nearby, request silence and privacy for the duration of the recording. If loud noises pass by, like sirens or airplanes, wait until they have fully faded before doing another recording take.

  7. Look directly into the camera when recording. Looking down and around may convey a lack of sincerity or interest in the candidate. Don’t forget to smile!

  8. Speak clearly, make sure the recording device picks up your voice well. If it doesn’t, adjust the distance between you and the device, or consider investing in better recording equipment.

  9. The video should be brief but informative. A concise description of the position, including the everyday tasks the applicant will be expected to perform, is most helpful. Describe what you are looking for in an employee. If there is potential for promotion within the position, be sure to include this.

  10. Don’t be afraid to spend time recording several takes. It’s important to present the best version to your potential employee. Do not rush.

  11. Have someone review your video and give their honest feedback. Does it give the impression you are looking for? Would they apply to the position if they were searching for a job?


This video resume for your company is going to be a valuable tool in your search for the perfect employee, and the appropriate level of care should be taken with it. Once you have the final version, upload your video to your VimageBuilder profile and wait for applicants to line up. Good luck, employers!