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How to Use Social Media to Land a Job in 4 Easy Steps

How to Use Social Media to Land a Job in 4 Easy Steps

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Social media has become a primary tool in recruiting, and often employers use social media when choosing the right candidate for a job, but job-seekers can also use social media to help them land the job they want in four simple steps.


1. Create Profiles to Highlight Your Accomplishments

Start by creating profiles meant to highlight your accomplishments. Make it apparent to show your job status and employment history. Most importantly don’t just limit yourself to display these on Linkedin but create professional profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Creat many profiles.


2. Create Networks Online

Start to follow accounts and join into things such as Linkedin groups that have to do with your industry or interest of work. By getting involved in these networks, it offers a place that makes you aware of new opportunities which can lead to a job. So stay up to date and try to get involved.


Build an online network.


3. Engage and Be Aware

Once you get yourself involved the important point is to check up on these accounts consistently for job opportunities. Many job openings are posted on social media so look thoroughly and check them once or twice a day to make sure you are aware of all of them and engage with people online to get opportunities from them as well.


Keep checking accounts,


4. Make a Plan to Make Your Presence Known

As simple as it might sound this plan can only be effective if you come in with a plan. Have a strategy to which groups you are going to approach and the time and amount you are going to spend and present yourself with on the internet. Think about your approach. You can choose to help others online with their needs to make sure they come to you with opportunities for owing you. Or you could build relationships with different business people. There are many options so walking in with a confident game plan avoids mistakes and can help you take advantage of this simple daily tool and use it to get your dream job.


Make a presence.