Instructions for using the "Invite" feature in Vimage Builder.

As an employer, how do I "INVITE" prospective job seekers to view my job posting at Vimage Builder.

Step 1: Login as an employer.

VimageBuilder | Login

Step 2: Click on "Manage Jobs" in the menu.

VimageBuilder | Manage Jobs

Step 3: Click on "Invite". Enter the email addresses and click "SEND" in the menu.

VimageBuilder | Job Posting invite

A message will be displayed that the invitation has been sent.

Job Posting | Invite to apply

Step 4: The prospective Job Seeker will receive an email in their inbox. 

VimageBuilder | invite mail example

Step 5: When the prospective job seeker signs up at Vimage Builder, you  will receive an email notification.

Job Posting | invite mail example

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