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You Are More Than Your Resume

The Online Tool That Will Get Job seekers That Attention They Need

Have you submitted resumes and applied for jobs only to not get any interviews? Are you frustrated because you’re the perfect candidate and just know that the employer would hire you if they only gave you a chance?

Well, here’s the problem: When an employer receives your resume, it may be one of hundreds. The employer may not even be able to look at all of them before he fills the position—this is why they’re not calling you! You may be the best candidate in the world but, if they don’t open your email, to them, you’re just another resume.

In the old days, if you wanted to make an impression, you could go into the employer’s place of business and shake hands with your future boss. This allowed the employer to see who you really are. Now days…it doesn’t work like that. Most employers only accept resumes online. If you don’t find a way to stand out and add that personal touch, you don’t stand a chance.

So…how do you distinguish from the crowd? By creating a video commercial showcasing yourself to your future employers. You see, when an employer is looking through their virtual stack of resumes, and they notice that one of them includes a video, which one do you think they will open first? Of course, the one with the video! This is the solution!

Vimage Builder is a new website that allows you to create a profile and upload a short commercial from your computer or phone. When you submit your next resume, include a link to your video for the employer to watch. You’ll be assured they will open it first and you can finally tell them why they should hire you!

Go to now and create a profile—It’s absolutely free! Then, watch the video called “How to make a great video”.

We look forward to hearing about your success.