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The Solution To The Slow Hiring Process

The Solution To The Slow Hiring Process

Getting hired is never easy. It takes an employer almost twice as long to find the right candidate compared to several years ago. Businesses now require an average of 23 days to fill a job opening, up from 13 days in 2010, according to Andrew Chamberlin, chief economist at Glassdoor.


Employers are taking a long time finding the perfect fit. The hiring process is getting lengthy and job seekers are get frustrated. Long waits between interviews can be nerve-racking, but candidates who get nervous or angry “tend to send off signals of desperation,” says David Hayes, president of HireMinds LLC, a Cambridge, Mass., affiliate of the Sanford Rose Associates executive-search network.


Some employers demand so much that applicants lose interest. An employer’s treatment of recruits is “a very, very good barometer of how they’re going to behave” toward employees, says Nigel Taylor, vice president, sales, for Technology Business Research, a Hampton, N.H., market-research firm.


Both employers and job seekers are getting more and more frustrated.


What is the solution?

Presenting VIMAGE BUILDER, helping you build your best video image.


Vimage Builder is a new website that allows the job seekers and employers to view videos of each other before deciding to take the next step! This site allows job seekers to create a video commercial of themselves for prospective employers to view, therefore dramatically increasing their chances that the employer of their dreams will consider them for the position.


Vimage Builder will allow the employers to watch and screen these videos so that they can decide if the job seeker is the type of candidate that you are looking for before ever contacting them! It will also allow them to showcase themselves to prospective candidates via videos.


If you want to simplify your outdated hiring process, simpliy go to  register, complete your profile, upload your video and increase the odds of finding your ideal candidate.