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Use Recruitment Cycles to Get Ahead of the Job Market

There is a recruitment cycle.


Recruitment is a continual process that takes place all year long but understanding recruitment through a series of seasons and quarters can help you apply to your dream job at the right time to up chances of success.

1st Quarter: New Year, New Jobs

Coming out of the holiday season, employers often decide to start the new year by filling all the new and open positions, making January and February peak months of the year. This new found drive during this period acts as the time where applicants interested in jobs with more responsibility and higher pay should apply as all the important positions get filled during this first quarter. The key is to get in the game right at the beginning of the peak because it increases your chances of getting the job you want.


Th new year means new jobs..


2nd Quarter: Filling Up Spring

As the spring months of April, May and June approach, recruitment tends to pick up and doubles compared to rates in December. The increased flow sets up businesses for summer and all the possible summer vacations. So getting in during these peak months can limit your vacation but can up your chances of snagging a job.


3rd Quarter: Recruiters take a Summer Break

Once July arrives, recruitments get very slow as people are in and out of work. The cycle slows down, but sometimes that can work to one’s advantage especially if a recruiter is taking a closer look at applicants who are coming from a long career break. They might find summer the best time as their story and experiences can be carefully examined making it more likely to get a job.


Summer is a vacation for all.


4th Quarter: The Holiday Season

Mid-Fall recruitment speeds up around September and October and starts to reach a peak. Though fast initially the process immediately slows down. The end of the financial year plays a significant role as companies don’t want to hire new employees due to higher taxes, so many businesses don’t hire. That eventually rolls into the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas where most companies are preoccupied to hire new people, often putting recruitment on hold until the new year. So getting a job in the prime months of this quarter offers a much higher chance of being successful.


The holiday has limited recruitment.


Getting a job can be a long task but knowing when to enter and apply in the field can up your chances and stop wasted disappointments. Understand the cycle and use it to your advantage, and it will pay off.