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Why Your Video Resume Needs To Be Short

Why Your Video Resume Needs To Be Short

You are excited. You are pumped up. You know the true value of a video resume and you are itching to get in front of your webcam and present yourself in the best possible light. What should you talk about, you wonder. An abbreviated family history will be a good start, right? Round you out in the eyes of your employer and give off the casual-friendly vibe. Then you can follow it up with the professional angle, list off every single task of every single position of every single job you have ever been a part of--



Your enthusiasm will get you far, but an epic video quest through your life will not. Not when you’re submitting it to a hiring manager, anyway. The person you submit this video to will be stressed, tired, and unlikely to look kindly on anything that suggests two hours should be spent on it when they could get through twenty or more resumes in the same amount of time.


It’s important that you respect your potential employer’s time. Curb the urge to flesh out every single detail and carefully script out a focused pitch. The most important thing is describing your professional skills and experience, as well as answering the all-important question, “Why should the person watching your video resume hire you?”


Remember, this is only the precursor to a face-to-face interview, where you will likely be asked to delve into further detail. Once you’ve finished your concise video, make sure to register for a free job seeker profile where you can upload that video and send it out to prospective employers.